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- Uranus, how does it feel to die?

An unusually broad smile illuminated the face of the medium, and the question was in bizarre contradiction with the radiant smile.

- The mental life of every person, individual, personality defines how he crosses the border to the other side, Uranus began. - How a person has lived his life, and what kind of  personality structure has developed to him define the transition. His mental and spiritual state affect the transition, for man is the same when he transits; his thoughts about death, how he experiences and sees it define his transition. The state in which the individual will end up, depends completely on his personality structure, his level of knowledge and his mental and spiritual state of emotions. It is a very individual happening, just as everyone's life is very individual, for everyone defines his life with his own choices. As a result of these choices, the individual experiences his transition and the state after it. That state consists of many factors, for it is the sum total of his entire life.

When man is born into the world, he experiences a leap, as it were, when he removes into the dark and wakes into consciousness in a new body. In the same way, the transition back onto another level goes through the same phase. It is always a momentary darkness and a loss of consciousness, extinction and awakening, for it is like the state in which a person faints and then awakes. When consciousness removes permanently onto another level, the same extinction and awakening happen. It is very difficult to find words with which to describe that state simply and understandably here in your world and even somehow get it into your consciousness.

Now, I would like to take you to a journey as if it were your last journey. Take a comfortable position, close your eyes and connect to your mind with the help of your respiration. Breathe slowly in and out through the nose, slow down your breathing and observe it. With the help of breathing, you turn from the body consciousness to the essence of life, that which you truly are, for there are no limitations in your spiritual essence, and it is able to communicate with love. You connect to love and receive it in this state. You open up to spiritual energy, when every spiritual being can approach you. Light energy takes you along a luminous corridor to a room which is pure light. In this space it is easy to use one's mind and create images. Look at your own life with the help of your own thought and think about the following questions:

- What more would I still have wanted to do and realize?
- What is the most important thing in my life? Has it come true?
- What would I want to do in my life?
- What do I miss the most?
- Which undone or unhappened thing that I could have realized do I grieve the most?
- What has been the most important thing in my life? What have I wanted the most in my life?

Now you feel an immense and a very beautiful light approaching you. You feel the enormous warmth of this light in which pleasure, joy and love are living. This warmth brings inside you a feeling of relief and an unspeakable feeling of happiness. The light remains near you, and the Angel of Death expresses itself to you in all his beauty, in all his lovingness and tenderness. There is an immense joy in all this, for you know him. It is like a Sunday morning at its best. At the moment of passing on, he is near you, touching and helping you.

Now you can see a countless amount of light-beings and you also see your loved ones who are going to be present and are going to help you at the moment of passing on, for they will be supporting and helping you at the moment of death. You realize how much love and joy there is in that moment and you can feel the soundness that comes along with freedom. You can feel that immense and unlimited love which one can only feel in freedom, and it fills every cell of yours.

I wish you would concentrate on the following sentences:

- I open up to love
- I open up to light
- Joy conceals itself in me
- Joy enlivens my body consciousness

Now you return into this space; look around and connect to the space.

The meaning of everything is to serve you, and each moment helps you get into the light: from darkness to brightness, from fear to freedom and from restriction to love.

With love I bless you.


             The Ocean of Silence

- I ask you to focus your mind on the word LIGHT. Concentrate on the word very intensely and try to create an image of light. Go inside this light and surrender to the light. Alone the thought "Light, I surrender to you", will help the thought to be realized.

Breathe in very slowly and breathe out normally through the nose. With every inhalation, concentrate on the word PEACE and pronounce it slowly in your mind.

Create an image in your mind or in your thoughts: "I want to the ocean of silence", and repeat this image with every inhalation. Let an ocean of silence emerge before the eyes of your soul; it has no beginning or end, it is infinite, it is the beginning of everything and the end of everything. When you have got into this image, step into this ocean of silence and surrender to it. Your energy field becomes united with this ocean of silence, loses its contours and ceases to be. It is in everything and everywhere. You are completely conscious all the time and you breathe with every inhalation silence into your being. Silence fills you, and everything else loses importance. There is only the ever deepening silence which opens you.

In this silence, you can call forth any thing, happening or individual with which or whom you have had problems. Everything is energy and this energy form will appear to you in this silence. You can ask this energy form what the meaning of this energy is and why you have attracted it to your life, and the energy will answer you. You can ask the energy what is the best and the most loving, practical way in your life to balance this state. When you want, you can form a friendship with this energy form, when it begins to serve you with love and is reflected from you as love for this energy. In this way it creates balance. If you have formed a friendship with this energy, enclose it in your heart. The center of love of life lives in the heart and it receives this energy form and transforms it into love, power and forgiveness. 

Focus your mind on the words I AM LOVE, and repeat these words in your mind. Let these words get free, and free your mind. Finally, breathe in three times very strongly and breathe out strongly through the mouth.

- The thoughts you have of yourselves tell always what kind of nametags the world has attached on you. If you think about your past life, you notice that you have received so many words with which other people describe you. When the words have been repeated, you have started believing in them. Every individual is covered with words and nametags upon nametags, in all of which there are other people's thoughts and words of you. They are not true, for the truth lives in your hearts. There is the truth about you and it does not classify, for only the intellect and words classify.

Take paper and a pen, if you please. Divide the paper in two parts and write what you think about yourselves. On one side, write the positive qualities and on the other side, the negative qualities. Do not do the exercise grinding your teeth but let the thoughts simply come without forcing yourselves. When the list is ready, read it in your mind. If you find in the list a quality that does not describe you in your opinion, say: "You are going in the trashcan". Tear off that part of the list tangibly and be aware that nametags are starting to be removed from around you. After that, repeat aloud the sentence "I AM" and add your first name to it. Let the voice produce the sentence freely and listen to your own voice. In this way you connect to your true being.

This is an undressing-yourself- exercise which brings experiences, and experiences, for their part, bring longevity. You have now taken off these nametags from around yourselves and liberated yourselves from the conceptions of others. If you want, you can do this exercise on a daily basis, thus removing every time these other people's beliefs and nametags of you. You simply dispose of them along with the paper saying: "You are going in the trashcan".

Now breathe in deep and slowly three times and go into your eyes in your mind. In one eye, you see the person you have not been wanting to see, i.e. yourself the way you would not want to be. Then you go into the other eye and you see the person you have been wanting to be in your dreams, wishes and illusions. Take a moment looking at these two selves of you. Your body opens its arms and calls these two selves of you, and you reach out your hands and take them in your arms. You feel your heart opening strongly and you feel how the stream of love sucks in itself these two selves of you. Individuality, unity and love remain. You feel how forgiveness is born of love and is filling your mind, emotions and every cell in your body. You are freed, for forgiveness is included in love and is freedom. If you want to concretize this state, you can embrace yourselves, lull yourselves and repeat all the time, aloud or in your mind, the sentence "I AM".

Think about these exercises and let them flow in your thoughts. Furthermore, it is very rewarding to write down your thoughts for it serves and creates new depths, states and thoughts.

Finally, I would leave these words to you: man is man to himself. Humanity is humane to me as well, for I have a full permission to feel well everywhere in my life. I have a permission to use my own abilities and skills as well as the permission to choose my friends and the direction in my life. Think about all that for it will raise from inside of you thoughts and insights that are serving you and are coming from your very lives; they will support you in your life situation.


- So many people in your world are thinking of the meaning of life all their lives but when life is ending, they find out that all their time has gone thinking about it; then the meaning of life was not realized. The meaning of life was present in every moment but those elements were left unlived because the individuals were focusing on the meaning of life all the time. Was one meant to be in this life a copy of the emperor of China when one would do great deeds, or was one meant to be something else? Was one meant to be something, and what was one meant to be? When people start thinking this way, they often want grand goals and want to be something like a copy of the emperor of China. This only tells that people are looking for self-esteem with the help of this kind of thinking because reality has disappeared. People do not want to see the reality; they want to improve their self-esteem through illusions. Self-esteem that is built like this does not exist, and every moment will show it in its own way, for life is like being on a seesaw which is swinging more or less all the time. The person is feeling inferior and is seeking more and more proofs that he is the incarnation of the emperor of China and has a grand mission ahead of him. The spirit world is testing him now but he will surely endure it and tomorrow, next week or maybe next year, his greatness will unfold. Everybody will see how he will do great deeds, change the structures of this world and will remain in history! It is escapism and going away from oneself all the time. What are great deeds? They are very often those deeds that you do without knowing that they are great deeds; often you are not even aware that you have done something. They are very real, for, in that very moment, you live in the truth with yourselves and therefore are not aware of having done something.

In your world, people are looking at things very much through intellect, when this kind of a paradox can be born. Actually it is not a paradox, for you can find it in your lives and in your thinking in various degrees. Reality lives in every moment. Again: learn from nature, for in nature, nothing tries to be the incarnation of the emperor of China! Everything simply is what it is and is only trying to realize its own existence, being exactly what it is. Nature surrenders completely to its own existence and this way fulfills its task; then you cannot think that in nature, this is useful and that is useless. Nature is a big entirety where every part has its own important meaning and where everything is interconnected all the time. It only expresses its existence all the time: life, love, all this. It simply is and performs its own task as a result of the interaction prevailing in nature, when life and balance remain in that state. As far as man is concerned, it is very much the same: the meaning is right there in the moment when man is living respecting his life and loving himself, giving to life what he can. You often cannot see it clearly because it is and expresses itself in this very moment; but in man himself, there is everything and when he surrenders to himself, he is open in the moment. Then he can see and receive possibilities from inside him and from outside, either as concrete tasks or as insights on the level of thought.

When you notice a person who, according to your norms, is outside of all life, you think that a life like that has no meaning. There he is, lying miserable in the gutter; why hasn't he taken care of his life? You cannot know for what purpose he has come here, for some have come merely to grow and growth can require many kind of things through which it can happen. There also are individuals who have come merely for others and have in this way taken a very heavy load to carry for the love for someone else. The intellect cannot comprehend anything clearly for, underneath everything, there is a mystery which cannot show itself in your world due to the limitations of matter. One can view things in many ways for it is easy to be in the place of the emperor of China admired by everyone and wielding power. Life is very clear then but a life like that does not require a strong spirit unlike living a life where you are criticized and rejected. Nothing is self-evident because the one that got to be the emperor of China can be a very weak spirit but as a spirit, he may have done something good and has in this life chosen idle time, as it were. Accordingly, a great spirit can live in difficult conditions without harming anyone, for he can be a spirit who is already leaving incarnations but has come to serve for love. The individual who came for love and looked for difficult conditions is representing a great, loving spirit who has a distinct and strong will. Looking through the eyes of man, we see a difficult and painful childhood which leads to the gutter and destruction at a very young age but if we view it from a different angle, we see the service included in his life-cycle during which he did not harm anyone.

If we think about individuals who have a lot of power, we can ask: how are they using this power? They may be great and strong spirits who have consciously chosen a holistic and life building task but they can also be little souls who are weak in spirit and who are aiming at power to support their self-image and to hide their feeling of inadequacy. A great and strong spirit can consciously choose difficult conditions because it is possible for it to survive them. Would you have been ready to consciously choose the life of Christ? Every journey is a conscious choice.

In societies based on the culture of power, the prevailing belief is that I am enough by being the best/most and being capable of everything in everything. But if in a society like this everyone could do it, a massive war would break out because the best would destroy each other trying to be the very best of them all. The whole social structure would fall apart, and people would drown in their waste, for then no one would do the lower rank work which would not be considered important.

You have to let everybody live their own lives, for you can never know why a person has come here. The fundamental purpose of someone else may be completely different to our purpose, so we can relinquish taking responsibility of our surroundings and take responsibility of ourselves. Then we will not judge anymore because we will not even judge ourselves but are only trying to live in that very moment.

Respect and love yourselves and accept yourselves! Be merciful to yourselves, to every moment and to every thought of yours because if you accept them, you can change them. Everything has a meaning, so think how you are treating yourselves. Create for yourselves thought patterns that will take you forward in your lives in ever increasing tolerance, charity and love. Do not judge yourselves or others anymore but live your lives and let others live theirs, respect yourselves and listen to yourselves, for you have in you all that you need. Try out how your own knowledge can serve you.


- Today I would like to talk to you about what sexuality is but remember that words are merely symbolism. Do not focus on wordings as such but only concentrate on listening and hearing. Then you will not listen to the order of letters in a word but you listen with your own energy to the energy that is behind the words. In this way it creates knowledge in you which at that moment is the truth for you. In this way you also realize inside what I want to say. Only man's mind or intellect discerns, analyzes and chops everything in parts; through intellect, man is never able to see the whole but only a part at a time. To see, perceive and comprehend the whole lives on an entirely different level which contains emotions, senses and the so called creative madness. I want to help you approach, open, experience and feel this field and get it for use fully, along with the intellect, when you get behind all these levels to your true existence. Then you also realize that there is nothing separate in you but all the parts are connected with one another. They are interlaced with one another and form an entity where they affect one another.

Sexuality lives always in man, for it is an instinct programmed in the body of man and animals which sustains life and enables the continuity of the species and lineage. Without this experience in the body, there would be no procreation or the need to procreate. In addition to the continuity of life and the species, sexuality is also so much else, so much else. Originally, sexuality has had a very deep meaning, much like meditation but in your world, it has a multitude of other meanings. In your world, there is the commercial form where sexuality is used to produce well-being to some people and income to other people. It is also used as a substitute or an escape route for one's own states and needs, when man is running away from himself with his sexuality. Besides, there is a way of thinking where sexuality is denied and it is only seen as a way of procreating.

Every nation's basic need to exist has produced a way to relate to sexuality which is in accordance with their norm. However, everyone in your society is a personality who has his own needs and preferences, just as people have a different relation, say, to literature, television, nature or nutrition. If, instead of sexuality, we were discussing, for example, politics, there would always be people who would, to the point of fanaticism, have an opinion on things according to their own need system. Sexuality is only a thing among other things: how a person relates to it, depends on his personality. The only difference sexuality has is the fact that the inner structure of your society finds it embarrassing and secret. The difference between politics and sexuality in your society is that politics is public action in which everyone can participate; whereas sexuality is always a very personal thing to everyone, when it is considered embarrassing and secret.

It is not easy to talk about sexuality for it is not outside of man but touches him very deep inside. It is always very difficult to man to relate to personal and intimate things, for it requires some degree of self-knowledge and self-acceptance from him. Then it is easy for man to discuss the matter, when also all kind of fanaticism and blaming go away. Then the matter is discussed to the point. Sexuality is also a way with the help of which man can experience himself more extensively and more many-sidedly, for sexual-energy is man's basic energy which in its own way maintains man's overall well-being in his body. In sexuality, there is pleasure, joy and sensitivity as well as the ability to create things. The more blockages there are in man, the more there are energy interruptions and energy shortage in him because organs do not get a sufficient amount of nutrition. The energy is not circulating in man's body which leads to various illnesses, and because of which people also very often complain about tiredness and lack of energy.

Everyone has a possibility to be aware of sexuality, eroticism and the fundamental energy in himself and be glad about the fact that one is aware of himself as an erotic being and one is able to enjoy it. It all brings self-knowledge which brings with it joy and the ability to feel and enjoy one's existence. It also brings with it self-acceptance and true power and true peace. Then also true love for oneself and other forms of life is born which is the universal state of your existence: the ability to form a true friendship and a love affair, the ability to forms a true connection with another form of life, whether it be a human being, a tree, a plant, a stone, an animal, wind, warmth, fire, anything. Then it is also possible to experience open communication which functions in reality and is free from illusions. Then it is an open state of perfect experiencing: the state of receiving and giving, in which true knowledge and truth live.

It is also the ability to see the moment as it is with all its nuances, and the ability to choose from the basis of reality. Furthermore, it is an ability to influence in that moment, and the ability to bring out from oneself at that very moment the thing or state that is needed in it. It is also the ability to take for oneself in the moment that which the moment can give, and the ability to give from oneself that which is appropriate to be given to this moment. It is the ability not to assess and judge, not to think about and analyze oneself with the help of the intellect, for the intellect always close and brings along the feeling of insecurity. Each moment of your life is endless interaction everywhere, whether you are aware of it or not.

I wish that you would think about how and in what way you experience your sexuality. Is it self-denying or self-loving? Are there denials and self-hate inside you or joy, enjoyment and love for yourself? There are many ways to think about sexuality but this is my view: A person who loves himself and wants to get acquainted with himself is also aware of his own sexuality. He is aware of how he experiences sexuality and what sexuality means to him in that phase of life. Every human being is erotic, whether he has a sex partner or not, and when he is aware of his own eroticism, it is already joy and enjoyment in itself. It is love and perfect self-acceptance, for in eroticism live beauty and "creative madness" which bring to man's life holistic joy and enjoyment very intensely. "Creative madness" is also very strong sensitivity, and when man gives a permission to it, he also gives himself a permission to become sensitive, for creative madness is man's ability to know and love himself holistically. Sexuality is man's ability, also alone, to get closer to himself, to that experience which is the primeval experience. For when man fondles himself and is aware of himself in this field, it is, at its best, like meditation. Then man can, with a partner or by himself, be aware of the love, acceptance and peace inherent in it. He can open up to the erotic part in himself and return to his primeval experience, that state which is universal unity.

When man is aware of himself more broadly and more many-sidedly, he gets into himself more deeply through every field in him. He then realizes what he truly is, what there truly is in him, what he is truly experiencing and thinking in every field of his. Balance and love for oneself are found through being aware of and accepting every field. Each of you is a beautiful and erotic individual, and realizing it is, at its best, like meditation, a connection to one's true self. It is only about whether man can see the beauty of this part in himself or not. It also is a totally different thing if man uses his eroticism to something else than being aware of himself and loving himself, when he is using it according to his own experience and mind. It is up to man's own attitude and will how he wants to experience and see himself in this field.

You can read in my book Happiness Is Life Itself, what Uranus tells about following topics:
  • sex addiction
  • childlessness
  • how hysterectomy affects womanhood


- I am attractive, enticing, alluring!

Hi-hi-hi! I was looking at myself in the mirror giggling while repeating that sentence. It felt so silly, for usually when I looked in the mirror, I saw faults first, instead of praising my attractiveness! The reason for giggling in front of the mirror was that last time Uranus had acted in a new way and had given me that sentence for homework.

- Look at yourself in the mirror, you only look at yourself in the mirror and at the same time, think: "I am attractive, alluring, enticing" and sense how you feel then, Uranus had begun. - This sentence is only energy and it acts according to your own aspiration. It is a thing that has many layers and it also attracts things into your life during the exercising phase. But also in this matter, as in everything, there is free will, for this sentence is only energy which works according to your free will, and your inner aspiration uses it according to its goal. Doing the exercise is energizing, opening and constructing, but emotions will not necessarily rise during the exercise and not immediately after it either. Emotions, images and thoughts come in their own time and in their own way. Every exercise takes forward to the direction you have chosen, thus affecting the functions of mind, emotions and body as well.

There is cell memory in man's body which is boundless, and everyone's body contains a very distinct and clear remembrance of every moment in life the way it has been. Furthermore, cell memory can both look back at past incarnations and look forward to the future, for it always has the information of the past, this moment and the aspiration of man. All this together defines what is going to happen in the future. The sentence sustains energy and works on every level in emotions and in mind, and little by little through this connection, also body's cell memory is freed for man's use according to his needs, when man gets information of himself in a more diversified way. It has an opening, adding and balancing effort on his life.

It is also very important to realize that during the exercise, there are not only good moments but also rather sad and angry moments which unravel the old cell memory. It is most important to unravel that which is gone and is futile, for it is like setting out on a long journey with a rucksack full of stones. The stones would start to feel heavy and the pace would become slower and slower until finally one would sit on the path having no strength to carry on, for the weights of the rucksack would have taken all the strength. The path is life and the stones in the rucksack are the things that have come into life. They have remained in the rucksack and grown, when they have become an unnecessary burden consuming energy and preventing progress. While consuming energy, they prevent well-being, and life cannot unfold in all its meaningfulness for man's use. Well-being is not then what it could be. By giving up stones, the rucksack becomes lighter stone by stone, and the energy is in one's own use when life's meaningfulness, happiness and resources increase. Unloading every stone from the rucksack is like an exercise which generates emotions that feel uncomfortable. When one realizes this and gives a permission to emotions without fighting them, they become free, live and are gone forever at last, when one stone has left the rucksack.

Every sentence is energy and every sentence sustains energy. The most important thing is that the motion of energy is constant and it is not let to be interrupted. The sentence is used daily according to how you experience it inside. You can also try out different ways, when you get information from yourself about how the sentence works for you. When you listen yourself and observe your life, you get information that serves you. The information that rises from man himself through his own experience as insights and thoughts is a thousand times more important than the information that comes from someone else. The sentence has a holistic effect on you, it unravels emotions and simultaneously reinforces them. The sentence feels repulsive and difficult if you try to deny your emotions and do not want to receive them. Then there is a very strong contradiction because the task of the sentence is to unravel and change emotions, and denying emotions in itself already opposes the sentence. If one simultaneously tries to reinforce and deny emotions, it does not lead anywhere. Let the sentence run in the background of thoughts as much as possible, preferably all the time, for then it is like being on a drip in hospital. If you keep the sentence all the time in the background of other thoughts, you are in a situation which is much the same, Uranus ended his speech.

So there I was standing in front of a mirror looking at myself and repeating the sentence in my mind. It felt weird and embarrassing too, for I had never thought that I was alluring or enticing. Did I even want to be like that? What mainly came to mind was some vamp in old films or a girl in an advertisement lying on a hood alluring potential buyers. I started paying attention to my eyes and I began to wonder about their intricacy. They were a true masterpiece and enabled one of the greatest wonders of the world - sight. Compared to that a thing like attractiveness certainly came second! Then I noticed that along the years, I had started to look like my father more and more. Well, he ain't no beauty either... Would I be considered a beauty in China, I wondered? Thoughts were running free in my mind. 

I did the mirror exercise daily for a month. In the beginning, the exercise felt embarrassing which actually is quite sad, for why is it embarrassing for man to compliment himself in front of a mirror? Why is it much more natural to see all the faults first: "How pale and tired I look! Why does my face look so bloated? I'd rather not look in the mirror at all!" But evidently the exercise truly affected on a deeper level then I even realized because gradually, I began to see positive things in me: "Gee, how my skin is glowing today!" and "I have such lovely, dark eyebrows!" In the end, the most important insight, however, was that I didn't have a slightest desire or need to be enticing anymore, at least not alluring. I understood it something along the lines that there I would be again defining myself in relation to other people: which qualities of mine would appeal to them, and what would I have to be like in order to allure them to me? Furthermore, I was deeply aware of all the beauty norms that society had created, and especially the compulsive need of women to reach them. It was most liberating to let go of the appearance pressures of the modern society and start looking like myself. And then the paradox that Uranus had often mentioned happened again: When I didn't try to be attractive anymore in the way that the environment defined, I noticed that I was attractive just by being my own self.
- I wish you would think like this: why couldn't I give myself a permission to be wimpy and a coward, for, at times, it is very necessary and healthy. Why do I deny myself from myself, for in weakness lives strength and in strength lives weakness. They are the same state, for if I deny the other, I deny the other as well and I cannot find either of them. I cannot feel strength if I deny weakness because strength is the other side of weakness. It is like going into a store and trying to saw a coin into halves on the counter in order to pay. The cashier would not accept it, he would want the whole coin.

Your world is a world of power, and everyone wants to be accepted and a ruler, but this thought pattern does not accept weakness because weakness means being rejected. This is an illusion that has settled in you, for if you look at your society, the world of power, how is power doing there? Power destroys itself there time after time; in itself, power and force are like a pot of clay resting on canes, eventually collapsing. Wimpiness and cowardice are just words created by attitudes in which there is the distinction good/bad, when it is not real; it is just like saying, day: good, night: bad. Can you say like this? It will lead to destruction, for then you want to remove bad. If you do this to yourselves, you are already your worst enemy, and if you start defining, day: good, night: bad, you are an enemy of life. If you could destroy night, you would destroy yourselves and the entire life. Wimpiness is just one name for weakness and fear because man is afraid of his own wimpiness and weakness. He tries to deny and reject it and wants to be strong. He builds a role of strength, feels unwell and is extremely scared all the time, he is in your language a super wimp. It is only about the fact that he cannot find power and courage because he has denied his fear and weakness. He has created roles for himself but there is no power in roles for they are like balloons or bubbles that will burst.They do not come from inside because a role is a state learned from the outside and created from outside elements.

No matter how many roles and cardboard images I build around myself, they do not give me power and they will not change the situation at all. Eventually, I end up living in what I have been trying to ward off: in weakness and fear. In this way the super wimp becomes in the end a completely paralyzed individual who spends the rest of his life in a cell, not daring to come out. Fear grows its power all the time because every attempt to ward off wimpiness or fear increases and reinforces wimpiness, weakness and fear. I am only a failure, for I am trying to build a stronger role and a stronger cardboard image all the time, but I fail all the time and realize that I am wimpier and wimpier. It is like a self-perpetuating circle, when you loose faith, and weakness and fear increase. It is like removing the day, when finally there is only night.

Then man is like a marionette whose own will disappears. He is full of anxiety; many burn-outs are born this way because it is like a treadmill that never stops. In a way man is like a donkey chasing a carrot on a stick which is attached on its back. He is running and running but will never reach the carrot. The carrot is the achievement that the person is demanding of himself in order to feel that he is good, but in the end, it will lead to an inability to function in any way and to a total falling apart. Instead of getting to the top of power, he finds that he is full of fears, completely fallen apart and burnt out in a tiny cell, not daring to come out anymore. If he stopped to think, he might notice: "But I am good!" when it's a paradox. No one else is demanding of the person something he is not capable of; only the person self demands it of himself for he has created a pattern which is endless running that will never stop. In weakness lives sensitivity and creativity and in strength lives the ability to realize and organize it all. If I deny the source of creativity, how can I act? Then it is like walking on one leg while denying the other.

Strength in itself is only the ability to implement but if I deny the source of creativity of which everything is born, what shall I implement then? Problems arise this way, for example at work place because every situation is new and unique but I have denied in myself the source that sees, understands and gives ideas. All I have is strength which in itself leads to anxiety and panic, for I do not know what to do with it. In weakness lives sensitivity, the ability to understand and see creativity, for in weakness there is a life protecting energy. When I deny weakness in me, I also deny creativity, sensitivity and the ability to understand. How can I then act when I am facing a problem? I cannot! Each problem is then a hard knot, for I have denied the way to open it. Strength alone can only open the knot by tearing, when there is only destruction instead of well-being and growth which I have been anticipating. Only problems, more problems. In fear lives courage and in weakness strength, for there is no other without the other. There can be no fear without courage and no courage without fear, for if I nullify the other, I nullify the other as well. Then I create illusions, roles and cardboard images and get more and more lost in this world of illusions and cardboard images.

So ask yourselves why you cannot be weak and think about this question! Do I really want to face life and myself, or do I want to be in a jungle of cardboard images, illusions and delusions? If I get irritated when I see weakness, it tells me that I cannot accept it in myself, for if I accept weakness in me, it does not irritate me. I am only seeing my mirror-image, and if I do not accept myself, I cannot accept my mirror-image either.

If you think about a lion, the king of animals: lion lives and faces the world as real because strength needs rest. So, weakness is also rest, for weakness tells when there is a reason to be and rest, so that strength can be preserved. In lion everything is in balance; it rests and that way regains its strength and it avoids unnecessary danger because fear protects it. In this way fear reinforces and maintains the strength in lion, that entity which is lion. In lion, weakness and strength walk hand in hand which can be seen in the entity of it. It is the king of animals: strong, conscious and fearless but without weakness, it would not be courageous, resourceful, social, loving and protective. Look at a lion: it rests when it rests, and when it senses danger, it is tense and completely ready to attack or to escape, depending on its inner message. It is senseless to attack if you are facing superior power; it is more sensible to escape and make a surprise attack from the side. Then escaping is showing strength and defending. By escaping, it gives itself a chance to win and give a stunning strike to the superior power, for if you cannot escape when facing a superior power, you will not win but perish.


- Perfection includes always imperfection which is love itself and life itself. If imperfection did not exist, there would be stagnation because perfection is something finished, and being finished is always a stagnated stage. When an artist is painting, there is constant movement, for energy is moving there changing constantly. When an artist gives the painting for sale, he considers it finished; then the state of the painting is stagnated and it will not change anymore. The universe, or love, is not perfection; one can also call it God who is not perfect. If it was, everything would come to a halt, and there would only be a stagnated state. People want to be perfect but how can they aspire at something which is impossible and does not exist? It is a perfect illusion and a means for wielding power which is made up by man.

You can grant yourselves a permission to be just the way you are. Nature needs warmth to live and a season of stagnation to rest, a summer to grow, a winter to rest. It has all the opposites in itself and it is perfect in its imperfection. You will find the truth in nature, for in nature, everything is what it is: marigold, spruce etc. A marigold will not think: "Oh, if only I was like that spruce growing next to me, as big and as green! But I am just a trivial marigold". In nature, it is completely natural to accept one's own state and enjoy it. A marigold will not invade the space of a spruce and vice versa, for their needs are different and they both need their own space; both live happily without trying to invade the space of the other and accept their own needs. They collaborate and complete the whole by being themselves.

Life in itself is life, or love and beauty, and it is acceptable just the way it is at that very moment, no matter what it is. There is the mild west wind, the cold north wind, storms in their own time, for nature needs opposites to be well. If you remove the time of rest, winter, nature will perish; there would not be life on your planet if there was only day, for night and rest are needed. If, on the other hand, there was only night, there would not be life either; both are equally important to maintain life an well-being. Opposites are necessary and they all have their own place because balance is the core of everything and it is born as a result of the meeting of states. There is no balance if a weigh is missing from the scales. 

Happiness is balance and balance is always the meeting of two states, when the meeting is also variation. Balance is born as a result of the meeting of different states, and accepting it, when there is happiness. A happy person opens up for he accepts himself and his own state. Everything in him opens up, and cell function can then work freely. Everything in the person is aiming at physical balance as well and he is feeling well on all levels. Man gives all this a chance when he accepts himself. There is no love or well-being in an imbalanced state; often there is a state of fear behind it all and behind the fear there is insecurity and a feeling of inadequacy.

The basic need of everyone is to be accepted and to be enough, to be well and to be happy; when this state is distorted, man can try to compensate it in various ways. He may criticize another, highlight himself and boast: "How good I am! I don't have that in me!" However, it causes contradiction inside and does not give him the security he is seeking or the acceptance of the environment. Instead, the contradiction underneath everything is whispering that this is not right after all; then the cycle is getting faster and faster. The individual is criticizing his state, when certainty crumbles and the need to compensate grows. It is a very lonely illusion producing ever increasing loneliness because, through this state, one cannot get to interact with the surroundings. Compensation can also be reverse, when a person adopts a servile and self-belittling role in order to ensure his own well-being. There are countless ways every one of which harms the individual in its own way, thus preventing his growth and the use of his own abilities. In this state he is only trying to please and get the approval of others.


- Already in a womb, a little growing body is seeking body identity; parent's thoughts of themselves influence him, and he adopts them. If the parents, underneath everything, relate to themselves negatively, it is transmitted to the little body because the little body does not have intellect, only the ability to receive and adopt. The body identity receives the information already in the womb: "I am not accepted, enough or worthy". When the baby is born, the body identity contains this information and the body starts acting according to this information. It is transmitted to everything in the baby, for everything co-operates with everything. The baby is reinforcing this information and receives confirmation for it. Near the baby are the parents and other adults and he is surrounded by the culture in which he was born. His personality develops during childhood, when the environment limits and sets its own values.

All this affects the child's conception of himself and he starts living this concept believing it is himself. Now, insecurity is born, for the child forgets his true self and loses the knowledge, craft and power living in him and starts looking for it outside of himself. In this way he is reinforcing the conception which his parents, other adults and the culture around him have created for him with their own lives, and with which he is identified. A personality structure like this is not very often aware of its own abilities and therefore cannot use them. It is not aware of its own power and cannot use it. It is not aware of the infinite information living in the person; he is looking for all this outside of himself, when problems and contradictions arise. In this way he grows up to be an adult who is unable to love himself and who feels inadequate. A vast amount of energy is used to hide this feeling, to denial and to building habits with the help of which he can feel adequate. So, when working life suddenly ends, the individual experiences a complete mental breakdown and eventually a physical breakdown as well which, at its most extreme, can lead to the ending of one's own life. It all is a consequence of the information in his body identity: "I am not worthy, accepted or enough and I don't have the right to exist as myself". The person has replaced this information with action and has made a substitute of work with the help of which he feels adequate; he lives with the help of this substitute. When it ends, all that is left is reality which has not changed, for a substitute  never changes anything. The same original state is left because one has not intervened in reality. Because the information of the body identity is his parent's information and the truth about themselves, it can be undone and the real truth and knowledge of what man himself truly is can be found.

One can judge and invalidate oneself in so many ways but whichever way it is, it leads to insecurity. The individual does not dare to progress because he demands perfection of himself. Invalidation includes the pursuit of perfection, for you have to be perfect immediately, you have to know and be able immediately and you cannot forgive yourself if you does not succeed immediately. Now the person cannot progress for he cannot give himself a permission for it. This results in a painful dichotomy, for, underneath everything, the individual wants to progress and is able to progress but he invalidates himself and the matter in question. He explains to himself in ten different ways why it is not good thing, why it does not serve, why it is nothing at all and not worth trying. With this explanation, the person is trying to reach peace of mind and make the pain and anxiety disappear.

The individual would not have learned to walk, talk, read or write if he had thought like this as a child. He would have taken the first step, and someone would have run past him instantly. The child would have thought: "I can't do this. That one can already run and I fell down right away. I couldn't even stand on my feet! What are they thinking; did they see that I fell? Surely everybody saw. You got to be able to stay up with the first step and with the second you have to spring forward! If I can't do this, I'm nothing!" If the child thought like this, judging and invalidating himself and demanding perfection which does not exist, he would not walk, talk, read or write.

But this is how it is meant to be, for every individual, when born as a human being into his own body, is full aware of what kind of a body identity he is going to be formed in childhood. It is a fully conscious choice because the individual is aware of what kind of problems are going to come in his life through this personality structure. Every individual will meet his own limits through his personality in his own way at some point in his life. Then a phase begins where one can, through the pain caused by his problems, get the power to take his life back to himself and start moving towards reality, or what he truly is. The problem turns into a possibility, and man builds strength in himself moving towards himself and is fulfilling his own life cycle and his plan in this way.


- Close your eyes and create an image of the fear, shame, disappointment, anything or any situation the revealing of which would threaten your person the most; find also the feelings of fear, insecurity, shame and failure associated with it. Man's reason is analyzing all the time, so use it now and think about what would happen if you were revealed.

I groaned inside because this spelled trouble! Uranus had started the sitting with these words; their feeling was in stark contrast with the springtime sunshine flooding through the windows. A mild wind was swinging the lace curtains. Nevertheless, I closed my eyes obediently when Uranus continued:

- After that, you say to yourself in your mind: "I give all this a permission to happen, I give myself a permission to be revealed here and now. I give myself a permission to receive and live this state and the emotions associated with it". After that, think about which permissions you gave yourself for only by unmasking yourself, you can face yourself. When you face yourself, you will be freed and you will find the reality and honesty which live in freedom. Then you also get your strength for your own use and you can see all your possibilities because roles are limitations. They are prisons created and sustained by man himself. Reality is unlimited freedom, unlimited power and an unlimited amount of possibilities to live; it will bring happiness, purposefulness and meaning to life. It all is love. That which you now are setting out to unravel is just one prison you have created and locked yourself in and which you are maintaining. You believe in those boundaries, in that lie and in that image of yourself.

Now you breathe in very slowly three times and breathe out slowly three times. Focus your mind on your breathing very intensively and regulate it with the help of your mind. Keep your eyes closed and answer the question immediately in your mind without thinking or analyzing: "What do I have to be?" Repeat the question faster and faster: "What do I have to be, what do I have to be, what do I have to be?"

Continue with the question: "Why do I have to be, why do I have to be, why do I have to be? Who has said like this, who has said like this, who has said like this?" Think about the most important thing to you that you would want. What is the most important thing to your well-being, and what would you want the most to be well and happy? Keep you eyes closed still and think about your answers and what thoughts they provoke in you.

Create an image in which all the people of your globe are in the same space; in the middle of this multitude of people, you create in your mind a stage which is lit by enormous spotlights. You see that all people of your globe are watching this stage and you climb on that stage into the spotlights in your imagination. Enter this image very intensely and focus on it everything that is in you. Create an image where you undress yourself garment by garment, when every garment is like a mask with which you have been covering reality. In the end, you are naked physically and psychically and you take off all those roles and masks with which you have covered yourself while everyone is watching; drop them there on the stage mask by mask. Every role is like a mask with which you disguise the reality in you, and when you unmask yourself, you are revealed. Every mask is lying at your feet, and you are standing there as you are, uncovered in the spotlights. You simply are there. Describe in your mind your feelings as all the people of the globe are watching you.

You let the situation progress, when emotions are moving and getting stronger. Time passes quickly, and you just keep describing your emotions in your mind. Then you shout out loud while standing there: "Here I am, look at me!" You keep turning around like a mannequin being aware of your emotions all the time while everyone is watching. Now you open up to receive their emotions; what are you receiving? Open your heart and give your love to them. The gift that you have given to yourself: give it to all of them in that space. What you need the most, give it to them with love from your heart.

Now I would like to hear your comments, experiences and feelings about what you have lived, felt, experienced and thought during this exercise.

- At first it felt difficult, I found it quite hard to imagine a situation like that, I began. - Then suddenly I found out that the worst thing would be to fail in some way and lose my face: to be weak and mortifying and not to perform perfectly in everything in life; not to be enough; to be revealed as a coward and a wimp; not to be loving enough or not to be accepted; not to be good enough. But when I let myself be imperfect and fail in the worst possible way in my imagination, I thought that it wasn't as horrible as I had imagined. When I saw in my mind that someone else was weak and afraid, it only aroused in me deep empathy and love. Wouldn't other people then feel the same way if they saw me fail? When I asked myself "What do I have to be?", the answer came fast as lightning: perfect! Why do I have to be perfect? To be accepted. Who has said like this? Everybody: parents, school, the environment, working life, media, society, everyone, EVERYONE! What did I want the most to be happy? To be myself and live my own life. In my imagination, I gave what I needed the most first to myself, then to the environment and finally to the society, that is to those who had enslaved me the most. Really tragic was that it was myself who had enslaved me the most, for I had very efficiently adopted the teachings of my surroundings. The complete identification to the values and requirements of the society would have eventually led me to ruin. I saw that I would only be free when every action of mine would come from my inner values and conviction, not from the will to be rewarded or the fear of punishment. So, how did it feel to let everybody be themselves? It felt wonderful and liberating, as if an iron armor had been slowly loosened inside. It was equally liberating to stand on the stage without masks, naked, watched by all the people of the globe. An enormous amount of energy that I needed before to keep those roles and masks was now free for my own use. I felt that the people of the globe did not criticize me anyway at all, I only saw benevolent and maybe slightly amused expressions. And if someone was disturbed by what he saw, it was totally his own concern. So it was easy to open one's heart and give others the same freedom and love which I had already given to myself and the environment.

Uranus listened to my answer and said: - I am very happy for you. I would not even have to say this for you know it inside. The best thanks is always the one you feel yourself. In you very much just happened and it is only the result of your will and aspiration to balance. You realize things now in a different way, for you understand that they all open you and carry you forward.

Uranus remained silent for a moment; then he said:

- Now, I want you to create an image of a very bright light which is focusing on you and which is filling every cell of you body. You suck this light more and more intensely into yourself, into all the body layers of yours; as you fill up, you see that you yourself are a glowing light. Breathe in very strongly several times and breathe out through the mouth even stronger and stronger. Keep thinking about the light and connect your mind to a very bright light. Ask the light to come into your body, and feel how your whole body is sucking in this light and is filled with it. As the light is filling your body and mind, you feel a pricking sensation in your body, as if a swarm of ants were working there. You feel how the state of your body is changing as light is filling you: the strength of your body is coming back, the energy cycle is speeding up and your metabolism becomes enlivened.


- Everyone carries inside his best friend or his worst enemy, and only you yourselves choose at every moment in your life to which one you reach out your hand. You can be whichever you want with yourselves, when you create your life with your choice every moment exactly the way you want. If I reach out my hand to my best friend in me, friendship is then love, forgiveness, respect and acceptance, and these emotions open, carry and guide me. My life can become happy and meaningful and my dreams can come true. Then I can be a best friend to another individual, for only that which I find inside me, I can be and give to another. Whereas, if I reach out my hand to the worst enemy in me, I feel inferiority, guilt, depression, insecurity and countless states like these that constantly belittle me. I myself belittle myself constantly and I cannot open up but I close. Then my life is filled with problems, fears and despair and my dreams cannot come true. When I belittle myself, I criticize myself and at the same time, I criticize and belittle my environment as well. Then love cannot move in me and light cannot stream, for I shut from myself and from my environment more and more. Every individual chooses by himself by which choice he creates his life and affects his environment. If you reach out your hand to your best friend in you, you create your life loving and happy and you let light stream in you freely. Then insecurity and fears go away, courage awakes and you can fulfill your dreams. Then there is no thing or state that would not be solved for your best interest, and in this way make you happier. Life is full of various events, moments and things which you very quickly call problems. They are just different moments, happenings and things; you will see the possibilities in them all if you choose the best friend in you.

Every moment contains a possibility as well as a problem, and if I choose the worst enemy in me, I only see the problem and not the possibility. My life becomes full of these problems, and I can notice again and again: "There isn't anything good in life, at least not for me. This thing, too, proves that I can't succeed and dreams can't come true". In this way man does not see the reality, the fact that he himself has chosen. He himself is responsible for his own state, for when he reaches out his hand to his best friend and chooses him, every moment and every thing contains a possibility which makes life happier and more meaningful. Then all things and states are solved for the best, light can stream, and light beings can serve, help and support. Man is not alone for a single moment, for he is constantly surrounded by light and light beings which are every moment ready to serve and help in their great love for the entire creation.

In your world, people bemoan wars, but how do people who bemoan wars live in their own lives and in relationship with themselves? Do they love themselves and are they aspiring at higher consciousness or are they at war with themselves? What is your state and choice? Every moment is a time for change and a change is possible at every moment. The change begins always from the individual, when it multiplies, so be aware of what you reinforce with your own life in your world at this moment! Then it serves you and every human being, for conscious life and conscious choices are born then, and man's life in itself becomes happier and meaningful. Realize at every moment in your life what kind of forces you are reinforcing on your planet: are you working together with the workers of light serving them and in this way being workers of light yourselves or are you marching in the column of those who produce destruction, taking part in every war, upheaval and havoc on earth? If I destroy my own life, I participate in the destruction apparent in everything and everywhere; in the worst case scenario, when everyone would reach out their hands to their worst enemies, you would destroy yourselves, one another and your own planet. It might happen very fast, for the destruction would proceed in a progressive cycle and would not end here but would affect the entire universe.

The life that you create does not only affect your life and the life of your planet but it multiplies and affects endlessly. Your social structure shakes when the state of peoples shake, for the state of the society is built through the state of people, so everything that appears on your planet is only an expression of the state of your society, or man's relationship with himself. Our own state and how we treat ourselves only multiplies, for what man reinforces in himself multiplies, whether it is destruction or love. Merely on the level of energy, each state like this in man's mind or in his actions finds an equivalent according to the law of energy. These equivalents circle your planet and they surround mankind in everything and everywhere and they affect the structure of your planet and every individual. Man's relationship with himself and his self-knowledge as well as his state of loving himself define how forcefully these masses of energy and thoughts circling around the planet are able to penetrate his mind. So many thoughts which you think are your own, are awakened in you by these masses of energy, and all these masses of energy and thoughts surrounding you reinforce the equivalent living in you.

Be aware of what knowledge and consciousness you find in your life and transmit forward, for only an individual who has turned towards himself to accept and love himself can progress to awareness. Realizing what I truly am helps me understand how I want to build my life. Alone by respecting the body and giving it the nutrition, rest and the oxidization, or outdoor recreation it needs, I enable the well-being of my body, when it supports and maintains the balance of my mind. If I find in my mind negative thoughts directed at myself, I turn them into positive thoughts, for when I turn the phrase "I can't" into "I can", I open up and give myself a permission. Then the resources in me unfold and I have the information I need at that moment. Whereas, if I state "I can't", I shut myself and I cannot use the resources. I forbid myself to succeed when the thought fulfills itself. In this way man can change his life very much, for when life changes, it itself directs itself. Life will meet me and bring in front of me all that I need, when I only choose.

Step in yourselves and sense how all the different parts of yours are! Discuss more with yourselves and listen to yourselves more, for all information is inside you from where it can be found for your use. Trust yourselves, your inner state and your inner voice, and if you have problems, turn inside, discuss with yourselves and quiet down into yourselves for there are countless pieces of advice inside you. Future is good when you create it good by thinking that you are happy and the future will be happy, when you see it happy in your thoughts. The most important thing is the motive: it directs everything and everything happens from this motive, even in thoughts. Strive for happiness and make your dreams come true! That is all, for it guides your life every moment and you can count on it. Realize the things that you have always wanted and try to do something on some level to realize them, even something very small, for everything begins from something. Realize that everything has its meaning and give yourselves a permission to live and be happy!
Close you eyes and take a comfortable and relaxed position where you feel good. Take yourself, your best friend, by the hand, and focus intensively on the thought: "I reach out my hand to my best friend. I want to get acquainted with him and listen to him". Breathe through your nose as slowly as possible and regulate your respiration slower and slower with the help of your mind. Focus your mind on your own hand and think that you are holding your best friend by the hand, for you want to listen to and respect his thoughts, wishes and needs. Think of your own hand which you are holding and ask your best friend to tell his hopes and needs. Let thoughts flood your mind freely and keep your eyes closed, then you can get in contact with your best friend the most easily. Respect the hopes and needs of your best friend and fulfill them in the best possible way.